Hire Via

Via enters into contracts with government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits to provide a range of services, particularly those meant to assist individuals with low mobility, for a variety of reasons.

Transportation Services

Via is the leader in human services transportation in the Boulder-Denver area. We have wheelchair-accessible vehicles and our drivers are specially trained to assist older adults and people with disabilities. We provide this type of transportation primarily to private facilities that serve these populations and others with mobility limitations.

Via provides shuttle services to government agencies and private entities who need to provide transportation from one area to another, such as bringing the public from a parking area to a performance or operating a company’s employee shuttle between several sites.

Via’s medical program works with clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities to bring patients to and from appointments. We’re able to provide access to health care while also reducing patient cancellations due to a lack of transportation.

Fleet Maintenance

At Via’s headquarters in Boulder, we operate a maintenance facility for our fleet of buses and vans which has the capacity to provide maintenance services for other fleets as well.

The 11,000 square foot service area includes separate, secured areas for parts, batteries, and bulk fluids. There are three drive-through service bays and three single bays with vehicle lifts. The maintenance facility also has an attached drive-through automated bus wash. The fenced-parking area accommodates over 100 buses and vans and is secured with access gates and a security camera system. This facility is staffed by certified mechanics.

Driver Training

Via’s Training Department is recognized for its training and certification programs for professional bus drivers. We train Via’s drivers and drivers working for third parties. We also have a shorter version of the professional training program for volunteer drivers who will be driving either their own cars or a Via Prius to transport low-mobility passengers.

If you would like more information or a quote please contact us at hireus@viacolorado.org.