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Elizabeth Hubert

Elizabeth joined the Via team in 2018 as a driver after retiring from a career in education. She sought out her second career with Via because a good friend had been a Via driver for 34 years, and she saw how much joy and purpose his job brought him. 

Elizabeth is a teacher to her core. Every job she has ever held has resulted in her moving into a teaching or training role. She loves learning and conveying that love to others. 

To Elizabeth, mobility means seeing oneself as a member of our community because you can be in it and connect with the people, places, and organizations that matter to you. It also means getting into the world safely and with as much independence as one’s situation allows.

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys growing plants, training for strength and mobility, improving her cooking skills, and finding dark skies for star and galaxy gazing. Recently, she has been exploring the social ecology of trees and forests and how trade routes have shaped agriculture, communities, and cuisines across time and place.

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