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Via’s Hiring Access-a-Ride Drivers

Drive with Access-a-Ride

Close up of an Access-a-Ride vehicle in a parking lot.Access-a-Ride is a shared ride offered by the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to transport people with disabilities. People who use Access-a-Ride cannot use the regular, fixed-route bus and train system to travel around the region.

Via Mobility Services operates and maintains a portion of these vehicles under contract. Contract services like this one help Via generate revenue to support its nonprofit paratransit services.

This route is good for someone who enjoys variety because schedules vary daily based on where riders need to go. You should also enjoy helping people who need extra assistance.

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Making Someone’s Day

Driver Robert Cameron explains the reasons why someone may need to use Access-a-Ride.

He also outlines what a typical day is like as a driver and the perk of making someone’s day. 

Getting to Know People

Trainer Doug Stiles highlights the busy pace of the Access-a-Ride service and why it may seem intimidating at first.

The reward is getting to know your passengers and enriching their social network. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Via Paratransit and Access-a-Ride?

Via Paratransit is the service Via was founded to provide. It fulfills our mission as a nonprofit organization, which is to promote independence and self-sufficiency for people with limited mobility. We do this by providing caring, customer-focused transportation options. Via has its own branded, accessible vehicles to provide this service. Our customers are primarily over the age of 60 who are unable to drive anymore or have limited mobility.

Driving for Access-a-Ride will introduce you to a wider range of customers. The service is provided by the Regional Transportation Department (RTD) to support people with disabilities. However, Via has contracted with RTD to provide Via drivers for some of the service area.

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