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Business Partners

Via Business Partnership Opportunities

Via is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the entire community with affordable, equitable, accessible, and environmentally sustainable transportation. We’re a successful nonprofit because we operate as a well-run business. Like many other businesses in our community, we had to adapt quickly to the pandemic and rapidly changing circumstances to meet the needs of our employees and those we serve. 

We understand the challenges our business partners have faced. And we want to help. 

As a community transit agency, we provide both specialized transit and public transit that allow everyone to ride to jobs, shop, and engage in social activities. We’re working with local governments to address the needs for more public transit options, such as microtransit solutions that are convenient and efficient. 

We bring employees and customers to businesses across our service area.

During the pandemic, when most of our paratransit clients were isolating at home, Via quickly started delivering food and prescription medications to them and others who were experiencing food insecurity, such as lower-income families with children.

Like our business and government partners, we’re planning for a better future.

Via believes mobility is a universal need. The future we envision is a healthy community that supports thriving families and individuals, businesses and their workforces, equitable access to opportunities and health care, and environmentally sustainable transportation. As part of making that vision real, Via is undertaking a bold project to attain Net Zero emissions for our transit fleet because we believe it is our responsibility to do something about climate change.

When you support Via, you let the community know that you support our vision and our values.

How We’re Partnering With Businesses Like Yours

  • All Eyes On You with a Vehicle Sponsorship

    More than 80 large, accessible vehicles are available to be wrapped with your branding, like UCHealth!

  • Don’t Shut Down - Deliver

    We’re currently partnering with Ollin Farms and Word of Mouth Catering to deliver fresh foods and produce to low-income households in a way that also supports these local businesses. Our fleet is equipped to deliver a wide range of products. Contact us to explore custom partnership options.

Customize the Benefits to Your Partnership with Via

We want to connect with you to discover how we can work together toward a future where all people, regardless of age, health, disability, income or ethnicity have easy access to the mobility options they need to enhance their independence and quality of life.

Possible Partnership Pro’s

  • Your company branding on vehicles in your target communities
  • Company name and logo on Via website with more than 2,000 visitors monthly
  • Name listed on email communications sent to over 2,100 active supporters
  • Via will provide a gratitude kit for your company’s internal employee communications
  • Your company message included in annual, public-facing gratitude video
  • Listing as a partner in Via’s public 2021 annual report
  • Logo on Via website linked to your website
  • Monthly Facebook and social media posts with logo and tag highlighting company as a partner
  • …the possibilities are endless!

Or select a premade sponsorship opportunity!

2021 Spotlight Business Partnership Opportunities
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