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With love and care, Jim and Romona get there

When Jim proposed to Romona after an extended courtship, she refused him. Multiple times. Her health issues and their age difference made Romona question whether love was enough.

Plus, a marriage later in life comes with its own set of challenges. But Jim was persistent, and her daughter championed the cause. Finally, Romona said yes.

Two and half years later, their love keeps them going – through her diabetes and the impending dialysis, through his fibromyalgia and through their visual impairments – both are legally blind. Now their daily routine is about doctors’ appointments, acupuncture, therapy and exercise.

Their doctors have told them that exercise is essential to their health. “If we don’t keep moving, we soon won’t be able to,” Jim said. “Exercise is a top priority for us.”

They do it for their health – and for each other.

Using Via’s paratransit service, Jim and Romona go to the YMCA of the Boulder Valley five days a week. With Via they have the flexibility to schedule their return to accommodate a walk to the nearby Whole Foods for grocery shopping, if Romona feels up to it.

“There’s lots of times that we need Via’s door-to-door service for Romona,” Jim said. “We do use other options – like the local bus or a cab or Access-a-Ride.  But it’s good to know that when Romona doesn’t have the energy or the ability to walk a long distance, Via makes it easier for us to get there.”

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