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Via Paratransit

What is Via Paratransit?

Via Mobility Services offers older adults and people with disabilities a way to get from one place to another. Our Via Paratransit program is a shared-ride, accessible transportation service that gets riders where they need to go. Caring drivers escort riders door-through-door and assist them on and off the bus.

“The Via driver comes right to my door and then assists me into the waiting room. From daily appointments to errands around town, Via helps me get where I need to go.”

To get started, call 303-444-3043.

Getting Started

Bonnie, a Via Rider, uses her black and teal electric mobility scooter on a hiking trail in Boulder. She's wearing blue jeans, a dark and light purple striped shirt, and a white wide-brimmed hat. She's smiling at the camera.

Before you can ride with Via Paratransit, please register by calling a Mobility Specialist at 303-444-3043.

When you call, we will ask questions to assess your travel and mobility needs and see if Via Paratransit is right for you. A family member or caregiver may complete the phone interview and request rides for you. We may discuss other transportation options with you. Once you complete the registration process by phone, you will be a registered rider and may request a ride by phone or online.

How to Request a Ride

  • Request a Ride by Phone

    • Call Via’s Call Center at 303-444-3043 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.
    • Reach us toll-free at 888-647-9768.
    • Have the exact address of your destination(s).
    • You may schedule a trip from 1 to 7 days before the ride is needed.
    • Same-day rides may be available.
    • You will know immediately whether your ride request can be fulfilled.
    • If your ride is confirmed, you will also receive an automated reminder call after 5:00 PM the day before your scheduled trip.
  • Request a Ride Online

    • Bypass phone calls and schedule your trips online!
    • Plan your schedule conveniently up to 7 days in advance and get real-time updates about your shared-ride trips with Via’s Self-Service Portal.
    • First-time riders must complete registration by phone first before using the online trip request system. Call 303-444-3043 to get started.
    • The online Self-Service Portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Buy Fare

    Starting September 1, 2023, fares will be reinstated for most riders residing in select service areas.

    Fare Amount:

    • In-town Fare: $6 each way (a round-trip is $12)
    • Town-to-town Fare: $12 each way (a round-trip is $24)

    Pay cash on the bus (exact fare only, please, because drivers don’t have change on the bus) or buy fare books online for a 10% discount.

    Via may have funding available to cover the cost of your fare, depending on certain eligibility factors like age or income status. To confirm your fare amount or if you qualify for a reduced fare, please call us at (303) 444-3043, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Or you can click here to apply for a reduced fare online.

What type of vehicle will I ride on?

Via’s paratransit fleet is comprised of vehicles including:

  • Traditional wheelchair accessible paratransit vehicles
  • Prius hybrids
  • MV-1 vehicles
  • Ford Transit Vans

Call a Mobility Specialist

We’re Here For You

  • Does Via serve my community?

    Via Paratransit operates in the following Colorado counties; service availability depends on your exact location.

    • Adams County
    • Arapahoe County
    • Boulder County
    • Denver County
    • Jefferson County
    • Larimer County (Estes Park)
    • Weld County

    Please contact our team to learn if service is available in your area.

  • What kind of ride can I take with Via?

    Via Paratransit can take you almost anywhere you’d like to go within our service area including:

    • Medical
    • Therapy
    • Personal needs
    • Grocery stores and other shopping destinations
    • Social events and other outings
    • Senior centers, recreation centers, and adult day programs
    • Employment, education, and volunteer sites
  • How much does it cost to ride?

    Most riders are charged a fare. Some riders can ride for free when other funding sources cover the cost of your trip. To confirm your fare amount, please call us at (303) 444-3043, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Fare Amount:

    • In-Town Fare: $6 each way (a round-trip is $12)
    • Town-to-Town Fare: $12 each way (a round-trip is $24)

    Fares are subject to change. We will notify all registered riders before any price change.

  • Can I donate to Via?

    Yes! You can donate to Via. 100% of your donation will provide more trips for riders, especially those with low incomes. 

    Via Mobility Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on individual contributions, grant funding, and Earned-Income Contracts to provide its mission services.

    Contributions are welcome but not required. Donating is optional–and not donating won’t stop you from using Via’s services.

  • What if Via can't accommodate my ride request?

    With Via’s Family & Friends Mileage Reimbursement program, Via reimburses riders for the mileage expenses of family members, friends, or neighbors who provide a qualifying trip when Via cannot.

    If Via cannot fit you into the regular schedule, you can request this option.

    To receive reimbursement, all requests must be made in advance through Via’s Call Center by calling 303-447-9636, and forms must be submitted within 30 days.

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Starting July 1, the Mountain Rides shuttle will be available on Mondays, in addition to Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Starting July 1, the Mountain Rides shuttle will be available on Mondays, in addition to Wednesdays and Thursdays.