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The Climb

IMPORTANT NOTE: In-person school will start on September 29 and seating on The Climb will be limited due to social distancing.

Depending on the vehicle, as few as three people may be able to ride. If two people are related, they may count as one person and sit in the same seat. Facial coverings are mandatory.

In compliance with local public health orders:

– Do not ride if you are sick.

– Passengers four years old and older are required to wear a face covering.

– We will limit the number of riders per trip to accommodate physical distancing.

The Climb vehicle will be disinfected daily. To learn more about Via’s response to COVID-19, please visit viacolorado.org/covid-19/.

Serving the mountain communities of western Boulder County, The Climb is a member of Via’s family of transportation programs. It operates regularly scheduled bus service in select mountain communities of western Boulder County and provides sustainable subsidized transportation services.

The Climb interconnects the residents of the mountain communities to each other and the urban corridor served by public transit including the city of Boulder and metro-Denver. The Climb intends to lower the cost and environmental impact of commuting in areas not fully served by public transit by providing reliable and safe transportation.

Service is available Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.

Gold Hill Climb Routes & Schedules

There may be delays related to ongoing construction.
The fare has been waived at this time, all rides are FREE.

Gold Hill Morning Schedule:  First Run

Gold Hill Morning Schedule:  Return Run

Gold Hill Afternoon/Evening Schedule: First Run

Gold Hill Afternoon/Evening Schedule: Return Run

Passes & Fares

Fare passes are available online or by calling 303-444-3043.
  • One-Way Passes

    The cash fare for a one-way ride on The Climb is $3.00.

    You can purchase passes online or by calling 303-444-3043. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your order. You can also purchase daily bus passes, or books for ten passes, on The Climb bus from the driver.

    $25.00 Fare Book of 10
  • Annual Passes

    Annual passes are available for a full calendar year, or you can buy a quarterly pass for a three month period such as January-March, April-June, July-September or October-December. You may purchase multiples of the quarterly pass.

    Student passes for the academic year are available to individuals enrolled in the Boulder Valley School District.

    $225 Annual Pass $170 Annual Student Pass $65 Quarterly Pass

History & Mission

Founded in 2009, The Climb empowers rural residents and communities by addressing their transportation needs through collaboration and shared transportation resources. Ensuring economic opportunity, access to services and environmental protection remain the core values of The Climb.

The Climb became a member of the Via family in 2012. The Climb’s drivers are Via employees and are hired, trained and supervised by Via staff. However, The Climb maintains its own unique identity reflecting the mountain communities it serves.

The Climb is funded by Boulder County, FTA Section 5311 grant secured by Via, contract services, rider fares, and donations.

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