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Hire Via

Hire Via

Hire Via to provide a single group trip or contract us to provide ongoing service for your community.

Via’s fleet is diverse and can accommodate up to 26 passengers in a single-vehicle.

All Via buses are wheelchair accessible, and our drivers are trained in passenger assistance.

Service Options + Details

Via offers two main service options; hourly service and on-route service.

Hourly Service

Hourly service includes a dedicated bus and driver for the duration of the trip.

The standard rate for hourly service is $90 per hour per bus. Via’s hourly rates are measured in 15-minute increments that include the mandatory CDOT pre- and post-trip bus safety inspections, travel to and from the pick-up location, and the time of the actual service.

  • The rate for Night & Weekend service is $100 per hour per bus.

Hourly service includes group trips, shuttle service for events, tours (trips with several stops), and ongoing services in your community.

Hourly Service Rates

Seating Capacity* Mobility Device Capacity Standard Rate Night & Weekend Rate
3 Passengers (Prius) $90/hour
4 Passengers (MV1) 1 Wheel Chair/ Scooter $90/hour
8 Passengers* 2 Wheel Chairs/ Scooters $90/hour $100/hour
12 Passengers* 2 Wheel Chairs/ Scooters $90/hour $100/hour
14 Passengers* 2 Wheel Chairs/ Scooters $90/hour $100/hour
26 Passengers* 2 Wheel Chairs/ Scooters $90/hour $100/hour

*Vehicle seating will decrease to provide space(s) for mobility devices, i.e., wheelchair or scooter, by approximately two (2) seats per mobility device. Via’s Customer and Community Services Department will assist you in determining and scheduling the appropriate size vehicle for your group.

On-Route Service

Occasionally, some trips may be accommodated with On-Route service, which means that we can fit the trip into our regular daily Paratransit service schedule.

The current rate for On-Route service is $90 per hour.

Cancellations or Changes

You should contact Via’s Mission Services Manager at (303) 444-3088 as soon as possible with any changes to a reservation. Via will do its best to accommodate changes, but cannot guarantee that it can be done.

Cancellations made three days or less before the scheduled trip will result in forfeiture of Recipient’s $100 deposit.

Weather Cancellations

Via’s transportation services are canceled whenever the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) cancels school. Via may also choose to cancel services at its discretion in other locations if it determines that weather conditions make driving in that area unsafe. You may also cancel a scheduled trip if you determine that weather conditions make it unsafe for your group.

The party canceling the trip because of weather must notify the other party at least two hours before the first scheduled pick-up time. The recipient will not be charged for a weather-related cancellation made before two hours before the pick-up time. If the Recipient cancels the trip for weather after the driver has left Via’s facility, Recipient will be charged for the time beginning when the driver began the pre-trip, CDOT-required vehicle inspection through the completion of the post-trip, CDOT-required inspection.

Hire Via as a Transportation Provider for Your Business or Municipality

Via can provide transportation services for your business or municipality. We can provide one-time shuttle services for an event or ongoing transportation. We can help you decide what kind of transportation service will help you achieve your goals. Fill out the Contract Interest Form to start a conversation with us.

If you have any questions, please contact Via’s Mission Services Manager at (303) 444-3088.

Contract Interest Form

Request Service

To request a trip or ongoing service, please submit a Request Form to Denise Dolan at ddolan@viacolorado.org.

Service Request Form


If you have any questions, please contact Via’s Mission Services Manager at (303) 444-3088.

Trip requests must be made two weeks in advance.

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