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Community Resources

Via’s group education and contract services contribute to a mobile and connected community for everyone.

Transportation 101

Offered at senior centers and other group settings, this presentation provides an overview of transportation options available in local communities.

For more information, contact Via’s Customer Service Department at 303-444-3043 or email mobilityspecialist@viacolorado.org.

Disability Awareness, Education and Advocacy

Via takes disability rights, and relationships, seriously. As part of our commitment to community outreach, our team is available to make presentations covering:

  • Travel Rights Mandated by the American with Disabilities Act
  • Ensuring an Accessible Community for People with Mobility Limitations
  • Disability Awareness: Respectful Language, People First
  • Train the Trainer: Setting up Your Own Travel Training Program
  • Overview of Disabilities for Travel Trainers
  • Safety First

For more information, contact info@viacolorado.org.

Volunteer Driver Safety Training

Via offers group training for volunteer drivers associated with local nonprofit or service organizations. The training covers basic passenger assistance techniques, disability awareness, defensive driving and safe transport of people with mobility limitations.

For more information, contact Via’s Professional Development Team at 303-447-2848 ext. 1063 or training@viacolorado.org.

Human Service Collaborations

Via partners with nonprofit organizations to coordinate and expand transportation options for vulnerable populations, including:

  • The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
  • Boulder County Farmer’s Market
  • Boulder Public Health
  • Community Food Share
  • Harvest of Hope
  • Local Human Services Transportation Coordinating Councils

For more information, contact 303-473-2885.

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