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Via Riders Need Your Support

Via assisted over 3,440 riders like Alec last year.

After reimbursement from grants and other funding sources, we have a shortfall of $8.00 for every ride we provide.

Your help is crucial for Via to continue giving riders access to our vital transportation services. Your gift gives them independence.

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Your Support is Crucial

Every day, hundreds of our neighbors, friends, and family find themselves needing help accessing vital transportation services.

As demand grows, the need for support becomes even more critical.

When you donate to Via, you’re fostering connections, safeguarding memories, and enabling Via drivers like Kevin to continue enhancing the lives of riders every day.

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You Make a Difference

“Via’s accessible transportation services are freeing,” says Sarah.

Via Mobility Services empowers riders like Sarah by providing accessible transportation, helping her go to work, her local dance and art studio, and her place of worship.

We can’t do this without you. When you donate to Via, you make it possible for riders like Sarah to get where they need to go.

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Give the Gift of Freedom

When you donate to Via, you provide mobility, independence, and connection for Via riders.

Your support ensures that an older adult like Feliciana makes a critical medical appointment or goes to a social activity with family and friends.

Your donation is the difference between freedom and isolation.

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