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Grocery shopping via bus made easier

Via’s Travel Training Program teaches people how to get to where they most need to go using accessible public transportation. Grocery shopping is often at the top of the list. Unfortunately, many older adults are unable to carry and manage heavy bags on bus trips and are limited to purchasing a few light items.

As a solution, Via is purchasing folding shopping carts to give to individuals who successfully complete the travel training program. Purchased with a $1,000 grant from the Walmart Supercenter in Longmont, the carts will enable the shoppers to purchase the food they need–not just what they can carry–on their independent trips to the grocery store.

Marta Galaviz and María Rivera, both of Longmont, were the first to receive shopping carts after completing their travel training. Marta, pictured here with her granddaughters, will be able to shop after picking up (on the bus!) her granddaughters from school. Maria said she will use her cart to assist with carrying clothes when she travels by bus to the laundromat.

To learn more about how you or someone you know can learn to travel independently on the bus (for grocery shopping and more), Susan Unger or call 303-447-2848.