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MaryRose keeps on going and going

MaryRose B., age 90

Desperation brought MaryRose to Via, but the ease of using the transportation service has kept her on the bus for the last five years.

Having moved to Colorado from Southern California to be closer to her daughter, MaryRose was not prepared to ride the bus when it became apparent that driving was no longer a safe option. While she did attempt a few bus trips, she never felt comfortable or confident while riding. And relying on her family stressed her daughter’s schedule and their relationship.

Via changed MaryRose’s outlook. “I like Via because it’s easy to schedule a trip, and the drivers are so helpful and kind. I can tell they enjoy what they are doing, and that makes the trips enjoyable for me,” she said.

Today MaryRose is as active and independent as she ever was when driving. She plays bridge weekly at the East Boulder Recreation Center, does her grocery shopping, goes to doctor’s appointments and attends activities at the Boulder West Senior Center. She doesn’t plan on slowing down as long as Via can keep up with her schedule!

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