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Invest in Boulder’s Infrastructure This Election

The recent flooding in Boulder and surrounding communities brought into sharp focus how dependent we are on our roads, bike and pedestrian paths, and transit services, including services for our community’s most vulnerable populations. This fall the citizens of Boulder have an opportunity to make a long-term investment in our transportation infrastructure by passing ballot initiatives 2B, 2C and 2D.

Photo by Bob Henson, UCAR

Photo by Bob Henson, UCAR

This package of initiatives will extend and partially redirect two expiring sales taxes and put in place one new short-term tax to allow the city to start addressing critical transportation infrastructure needs in 2014 rather than waiting until the existing sales taxes expire. Issue 2B would create a new 0.15 cent sales tax to fund the city’s most pressing transportation needs for the next six years before sunsetting in 2019.

Issue 2C extends an existing 0.33 cent open space sales tax, maintaining 0.22 cents for open space while redirecting 0.11 cents to the General Fund for basic city services such as police and fire, as well as facilities maintenance and information technology.

Issue 2D renews an existing 0.15 cent open space sales tax that would otherwise expire in 2019, with funding redirected in 2020 to transportation for 10 years, followed by 10 years of funding for the General Fund.

Taken together, these initiatives will continue to fund our city’s acquisition and maintenance plans for open space, while addressing critical needs for maintenance and expansion of our transportation system, as well as other basic city services.

Mobility is a basic need and a fundamental value in our society, and we can invest in better roads, paths and transit services by voting yes on ballot initiatives 2B, 2C and 2D.

Lenna Kottke, Executive Director

Lenna Kottke, Executive Director
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