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Via Turns 35 – How Via met my mother

I first became aware of Via (then Special Transit) more than 25 years ago.  While my attorney husband was building his law practice and community service commitments, I had left the workforce to stay at home and raise our two young children.

My mother, who had always been a fiercely independent woman, experienced a serious fall, resulting in a traumatic brain injury that required hospitalization and months of therapies and recuperation.  With the demands of a growing family, I found it impossible to meet all the transportation needs of her many health care appointments.

My mother’s physical therapists recommended Special Transit (now Via), which proved a lifeline for our family, relieving a very stressful family situation by providing much-needed transportation until my mother could return to living independently in her own home.

My story proves the simple truth that we are all just one step away from needing the services Via provides.

This year, Via’s 35th anniversary, I am honored to celebrate my 23rd year as Executive Director of Via.

Lenna Kottke, Executive Director

Lenna Kottke, Executive Director
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