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You Are Invited Because You…

The Longmont Community Foundation, Longmont United Hospital and Via Mobility Services invite you to:

A social and economic issue for the Longmont community.

Transportation and mobility are significant issues in Longmont and a lack of options disproportionately affects vulnerable populations such as the poor, the elderly, and people who have disabilities by limiting access to jobs, health care, social interaction and healthy living resulting in profound human and economic costs to self-sufficiency. This forum is intended to initiate community discussion and collective problem-solving on what could Longmont’s mobility plan look like for Longmont’s growing vulnerable populations – and is this a community priority?

Shawn Lewis, Assistant City Manager, Longmont
Steve DePlato, Via rider
Edwina Salazar, Executive Director, OUR Center
Peter Powers, VP, Strategic Planning & Clinic Operations Longmont United Hospital

Eric Hozempa, Executive Director, Longmont Community Foundation
RSVP by March 3rd:  Eric Hozempa, Longmont Community Foundation | 303-678-6555

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