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The long road

Submitted by Erika Stutzman on Fri, 03/06/2015 – 13:20

The conversations surrounding “traffic” around Boulder County tend to be dominated by the able-bodied workforce and those living in residential areas who feel besieged by traffic jams as those able-bodied workers travel to and fro.

That conversation may be missing the mark, demographically speaking.

It’s true that East County and the outskirts of Boulder County on the Weld County side are rapidly growing in population, while the heart of the cities of Longmont and Boulder are mostly built out. That puts considerable strain on transportation infrastructure as people drive from their homes to commercial and civic centers. The 2015 TRENDS report will show that 65 percent of those of us in Boulder County continue to drive, solo in cars, to work.  Read more The long road | The Community Foundation | by Erika Stutzaman

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