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Stand Up 4 Transportation Brent B. Speaks

Via Travel Trainer Brent Belisle speaks at Stand Up 4 Transportation Rally in Denver. Watch the video of his speech and read his words.

My name is Brent Belisle. I am a travel trainer with Via Mobility Services and a transit advocate for people with disabilities.

I started taking RTD fixed route in 1997 when I moved to Denver, giving me a sense of independence and I overcame my fear of riding a bus in a big city like Denver.

I love my job as a travel trainer with Via Mobility Services–teaching my clients how to ride the fixed route system and giving them a sense of independence. I help my clients with overcoming physical and emotional barriers when taking RTD.

I feel the RTD fixed route gives people with disabilities who do not drive, a way to go places independently such as doctors’ appointments, grocery stores, school, work and everyday life.

If the Denver metro area should lose the funding for buses and transit, people wouldn’t have the freedom to travel independently.

I feel if we should lose government funding for public transportation that it would greatly impact the disability community of Denver metro regions.  So please……

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