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UPDATE (5.19.15): Rescued Kittens from Via’s Roof

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, there were a total of four 6 weeks old kittens rescued from Via and taken to the Humane Society of Boulder. Via is pleased to share that all of the kittens are doing very well in their foster care home.

Early Thursday morning, Via staff noticed a kitten had sadly fallen off the roof and died, which prompted the staff to contact Boulder Animal Control. Boulder Animal Control rescued the first kitten at Via and took him to the Humane Society of Boulder. Later that morning, another concerned Via staff member found a second kitten on the ground and was hurt from falling off the roof. Simultaneously, the staff noticed two more kittens on the roof with their feral mom, Hōrō-sha, Japanese for wanderer. Animal control was called back again to rescue the other kittens since we knew their lives were endangered and take care of the injured kitten, but due to safety concerns they contacted Boulder Fire Rescue to rescue the other kittens off the roof. The two kittens were safely rescued off the roof while Hōrō-sha hid and remained aloof.

The injured kitten has bounced back is doing well after treatment at the Humane Society of Boulder and is now with her siblings in foster care.


In December 2014, Hōrō-sha made Via her home, and she found refuge and warmth under the building’s solar panels on the roof. Read more about Via’s green building. Mom cat, Hōrō-sha, is still hanging around the Via building, eating food staff have left for her, but misses her babies. The staff at Via are very caring people who love people and animals; we will continue to make sure Hōrō-sha is taken care of by feeding her and checking on her well-being. Though we know it was a tough call to make to separate mom from her kittens, we know it was best interest of the safety of the kittens.

Additionally, one of the great perks working here at Via is employees can bring their dogs to work. If you are interested in working for Via please check out our careers page for open positions.


Firefighters rescue kittens stranded on Via’s rooftop

BOULDER – A rescue effort in Boulder saved a mother cat and her kittens stuck on top of a two-story garage Thursday.

Boulder Animal Control Officers were called to a business at 2855 63rd Street on a report of an injured kitten.

Staff at Via Mobility Services noticed the cat atop their storage facility.

The feral cat and her kittens were stranded on top of a two-story garage structure.

The kittens couldn’t get down and couldn’t get enough traction on the metal roof, so the Fire Department was called in to help.

With the help of the Boulder Fire Department, animal control officers were able to get the four-week-old kittens, and mom, safely off the roof. The mother has been named Hōrō-sha, a Japanese word for wanderer.
The offspring are now at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Hōrō-sha will be spayed and re-released.

Daily Camera: Boulder police, firefighters rescue kittens stuck on garage roof

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Starting July 1, the Mountain Rides shuttle will be available on Mondays.