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Danna + Via = Together Forever

“I don’t know where I would be without Via.”

“I don’t know where I would be without Via.”Danna S., age 50, and Via have been together through some significant life events – finishing college, renting an apartment, starting a volunteer job, getting married and buying a house. Of course, Danna did all the work. Via just made sure she got there.

After a serious car accident left her with a traumatic brain injury, Danna’s life completely changed. Part of her recovery included going back to Front Range Community College to earn the math credit that had kept her from getting her degree years before. Via took her to college.

After the milestone of earning that last credit, Danna decided it was time to try and live on her own (she had been living with her parents in Longmont after her eight-month hospital stay following the accident). With the help of the Inn Between, she moved into a one-bedroom apartment and began doing administrative work as a volunteer at the OUR Center. Via took her to work and then back home.

Then Danna met someone, got married and bought a house, qualifying for one of eight new homes in a St. Vrain Habitat for Humanity project. She added another volunteer job – doing administrative work at Habitat as part of her “sweat equity” requirement as a Habitat homeowner.  Via was still there to take her from her new home to her volunteer jobs.

Today, while Danna’s life continues to evolve and change, she and Via are still together – for her volunteer jobs, her medical and dental appointments, for acupuncture and more. And in the future wherever Danna’s path leads her, she knows she can depend on Via to take her there.

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