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Via Receives ‘Mobility Services for All Americans Deployment Planning Project’ Grant from Federal Transit Administration for Program Expansion and Improvement

Boulder, CO – In July 2015, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced five planning grants totaling close to $800,000 for projects that showcase promising technologies and practices that improve travel planning and coordination for people who need specialized transportation. Via Mobility Services, a Boulder-based, private, nonprofit was one out of 5 nationally to receive a $240,000 grant to expand and improve coordination initiatives in the Denver region.

“We are pleased that the FTA has recognized Via’s track record of leadership in coordinating human service transportation, and we look forward to working with our partners to further the state-of-the-art in scheduling essential trips for individuals with limited mobility,” said Lenna Kottke, Executive Director of Via Mobility Services.

Via’s MSAA grant will allow the organization to expand its successful Longmont coordination program to other communities including Northglenn, Federal Heights, Broomfield and Thornton. Partnering with the Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council (DRMAC) and Seniors’ Resource Center, this planning grant will allow agencies in the region to use a coordinated system to easily book rides and transfers for customers across service areas, improving the customer experience and minimizing duplication.

The project will build upon a centralized data exchange capability that allows multiple providers to share information about availability, capacity, rider needs, and useful data such as real-time vehicle locations and schedules.

Additionally, this is a project of regional, statewide and national significance, because technology has been one of the barriers to coordination of trips between providers using different proprietary scheduling software systems.  This project will help break down these barriers to allow for more efficient use of transportation resources and increased ability of providers to share trips across longer distances.


Founded in 1979, Via provides on-demand paratransit

services, travel training, and mobility options information and referral for people living with mobility challenges. In 2014, Via served over 3,000 individuals in 19 communities across five counties in Colorado. For more information call 303-447-2848 or viacolorado.org

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