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Love keeps them together and Via keeps them going

Carl and Judy Herbet are “attached” at the hips – they go everywhere together. And have been for 70 years. 

They met during World War II at Judy’s sister’s wedding; Carl’s best friend was the groom. Carl said he was able to catch Judy’s eye with his spiffy white Coast Guard uniform.

“I thought he was a cute sailor,” Judy, age 89, said. “I thought she was somebody I’d like to have,” said Carl, 93. That was the beginning of their enduring love story.

They lived and loved in the Bronx before moving to Boulder 23 years ago. And here their love of each other and of life continues. They are dedicated volunteers, working until a few years ago in a local elementary school near their home. Now they volunteer one day a week at Boulder Community Hospital and help during tax season with the AARP tax preparation program at the Boulder West Senior Center.

Via gets them to their volunteer jobs and occasional doctor appointments. They love riding because it’s convenient and the drivers are not just employees but also their friends.  “We get on the bus to socialize,” Judy said.

And their secret to 70 years of love and marriage: “A marriage is how much you care, and how much you are willing to work on it,” Judy said. “It’s a gut feeling,” Carl added. “You got to feel it here and here,” he said pointing to his heart and his stomach.

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