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Via Remembers John & Florence Martin

John Martin and Florence Mae, ‘John and Flo,’ met and became a couple when they were 18 years old. They married, raised a family, traveled and enjoyed a love-filled life.

When John and Flo moved to Boulder, John became known as the self-appointed “Mayor” of Boulder – he talked to everyone. Their love and respect for each other, for family and for the community was remarkable.

Via became an important part of their lives when, at 88 years of age, John & Flo gave up their car and sought ways to safely maintain their independence, mobility, and connections with their community. Via met their needs (known as Special Transit in those days), and the couple became frequent riders for many years.

On Valentine’s Day, we remember the longtime loving couple and Via riders, John (1917-2009) and Flo (1917-2012) Martin.


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