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Why I Work For Via

“I love my job, I’m so happy to go to work every day!” 

Melanie S., an Access-a-Ride driver, has been part of Via’s team for two years. With over a decade of experience as a bus driver, Via is the best organization she has worked for. “I feel like Via cares about me,” she said.

Getting to know our riders has been a very rewarding experience for Melanie, “It’s so nice to hear from passengers that you’re doing a good job.” When asked what she enjoyed most about being a driver she said, “I enjoy the freedom. I don’t have to sit behind a desk all day and I learn a lot from my passengers.”

Access to transportation is essential to our riders and, as the front line of our organization, our drivers know this better than anyone. “Sometimes, getting a ride with us is the only time [our riders] get out during the week.” As a former Call-n-Ride rider, Melanie’s goal is to provide her riders with the best experience possible, she wants them to know that she is there to serve them. “Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you’re not a caring person, this isn’t the job for you.”

Melanie hopes to continue cultivating the culture of compassion at Via and she makes sure to talk to new drivers about being patient and caring. Her best advice is simple, “The best way to gain respect is by giving it.”  To her, this is important because “Our riders love that and [they will] thank you for it.” For Melanie, knowing that she makes a positive impact is the reason that she loves working for Via.

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