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Have you had the talk with Mom?

LET’S TALK Resource Sheet

Surveys show that baby boomers find it more difficult to talk to their parents about giving up the keys than about funeral plans or selling their house.

For many, driving represents freedom, spontaneity and even self-worth. When you feel it may no longer be safe for Mom or Dad to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, taking the keys away without explanation is seldom the best approach. Better to prepare yourself with facts and resources, then initiate the talk in a calm, loving way.

Below we’ve gathered some of the best resources available, to help you prepare for these conversations, understand the facts and make good decisions, together with your elder loved one.

And remember that Via is here to help – with solutions to enable the individuals and communities we serve with mobility for life. That means we help older adults – anyone with mobility issues – enjoy freedom, and stay connected with family and their community. Talk to a Via Mobility Specialist to learn more about our on-demand transportation, travel training, mobility options information and referral services as well as community transit (the HOP, Call-n-Ride and Access-a-Ride) services. Call 303.447.2848 x 1014 or email: mobilityspecialist@viacolorado.org.

Online Resources

  1. AARP Free Online Seminar – Talking with Older Drivers Produced by AARP based on information created by The Hartford and MIT AgeLab, this online seminar offers practical tips and advice in three simple modules available in English and Spanish. Each module includes a video, printable worksheets, practice activities and an interactive review.
  2. Colorado’s Guide For Aging Drivers and Their Families This guide for aging drivers, their families and caregivers was created by DRIVE SMART COLORADO drivesmartcolorado.com with support from Michigan and Florida. DRIVE SMART COLORADO is a non-profit with a mission to reduce traffic crashes and deaths through community collaboration and education. http://www.drivesmartcolorado.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Older-Driver-Booklet-FINAL-PRINT.pdf
  3. The Hartford’s Family Conversations With Older Drivers Produced by The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence and the MIT AgeLab, this information is similar to the AARP online modules but is presented primarily as information to read online and as downloadable documents, including a 24-page downloadable guide to initiating family conversations with older adults about driving safety.
  4. National Highway Safety Administration’s How to Understand and Influence Older Drivers A 20-page guide available to read online or download, this resource provides information on helping older drivers make informed decisions about their driving behavior and lists suggestions on how to begin conversations with the older driver about safety concerns. (An online and downloadable guide).

In Print (paperback or e-book)

The Driving Dilemma: The Complete Resource Guide for Older Drivers and Their Families by Elizabeth Dugan

By Phone or Email

Talk to Via’s mobility specialist about starting the conversation and about the range of options from Via that will help your loved one stay connected to their active life when it’s time to reduce or stop driving.
303.447.2848 x 1047 mobilityspecialist@viacolorado.org.

Have you had the talk with Mom?
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Starting July 1, the Mountain Rides shuttle will be available on Mondays.