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Fare Increase | Effective April 1, 2019

Why are we raising fares? 

Fares alone have never covered the costs of operating Via’s paratransit program. Federal, state, and local government funding covers some of the $36.00 it costs Via to provide each trip; as do philanthropic gifts and revenues from earned-income contracts (i.e., Via operates the HOP bus route for the City of Boulder). But as costs and the number of people needing our services are rising, government funding is flat or declining.  Increasing fares will help Via cover 5% of our operating expenses.

However, raising fares is only part of what we’re doing to ensure affordable and accessible transportation options to those with limited mobility who live in our community.

In addition to seeking new funding sources and expanding our Vital Volunteer Driver program, later this year Via will begin a pilot program testing an innovative technology designed to increase the efficiencies of our operations substantially. The result will be Via On-Demand, a same-day paratransit option which uses cutting-edge technologies to provide the customer-focused, caring service we always have. Our goal is to serve more people and keep the rider’s costs low.


What are the new fares?

  • Local within-town, one-way fares will be $5.00
  • Town-To-Town (between communities) one-way fares will be $10.00

Note: Riders who are Medicaid eligible and use Via for medical/dental trips scheduled through Veyo are not affected by the fare increase.


Reduced Fare Program:

Via riders whose annual household income meets the federal poverty income criteria are eligible for a 50% discounted fare. All riders who would like to be considered for a reduced fare beginning April 1, 2019, must complete and return the enclosed Reduced Fare Request Form to Via by March 31, 2019.  Via will review all reduced fare requests as they are received and notify applicants of their fare status by mail within 14 days of receipt of their request.

Call 303-444-3041 for more information.


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