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Support Via on July 18 at Niwot’s Rock & Rails

This July, join us for a free concert with local bands and support Mobility for Life! Via has been chosen to be one of the Tip Jar recipients for the Rock & Rails summer concert series – a much-loved summer event in the Niwot community.

On Thursday, July 18 from 5pm-9pm, Via will benefit from all of the tips made during the concert.

300 Days will kick off the show at 5 pm, and the Rebecca Folsom Band will begin their set at 6:30 pm. The proceeds raised from the event will support Via’s mission of Mobility For Life in the community.

We hope to see you there!


Things to Know Before You Go:

  • No outside alcohol is allowed in the park. Personal bags and coolers are screened at the entrance gate.
  • We will ask that you dispose of all outside alcohol or return it to your car before entering the park.
  • No alcohol is allowed to leave the enclosed area of Whistle Stop Park. No alcohol is allowed to cross-over the road to the Children’s Park. All alcohol must be disposed of before leaving the enclosed area of Whistle Stop Park.
  • No dogs allowed, with the exception of service dogs. Rock & Rails is loud and crowded and is not the best choice for dogs.
  • A variety of food trucks and local beer vendors serve Rock & Rails patrons so bring cash for easy purchasing.
  • Portable chairs and blankets are allowed. Please be kind and respectful to your neighbors and to the Park with your choices.
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