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Q&A with a Via Rider

Walking up to David B.’s home in Boulder, it’s easy to notice the big, blue pitchers’ screen where he practices softball in the yard. Inside, David’s many awards, medals, and photos from his decades-long baseball and softball passion pile on the table by the entryway. As an energetic 80-something, keeping active and mobile is essential.

Via’s team visited with David to discover his athletic career and how he came to ride with Via.

Did you play baseball when you were a kid?

When I was 12, my family moved to Brooklyn. My apartment overlooked Prospect Park’s baseball fields. I learned how to play baseball when I was 13 before organized little league. We played with a baseball that was wrapped in medical tape to help keep it together! I played until I went to college because the campus did not have sports fields.


When did you start playing again?

I didn’t play again until I was 65 years old. I joined a 40 and older softball team, the Boulder Olders. This was my first time playing as a pitcher, and I ended up pitching for more than ten years. My forte was control. I was able to get the ball where I wanted it to go.


What sports awards have you won?

A few years after joining the Boulder Olders, I joined a regional softball travel team, the Colorado Kaiser Prime Timers. I’ve also played in the Mens’ Senior Softball League World Series three times in the last few years; last time I played in a tournament I was 74 years old and I won two games and saved two games. I also played in Denver’s Over 50 men’s baseball league. I earned a ring for each tournament won – two baseball rings and six softball rings in total. 


How often do you practice?

I haven’t played much recently because of an injury, and I’m hoping to resolve it and play again next season. We are fighters who do whatever it takes to win! Typically, I play with two local leagues, including the Scrap Irons, a 70+ softball team that I’ve been a part of since 2003. The seasons start in April and end in August.


How does Via support your independence?

I’ve been using Via Paratransit since April 2019. I like scheduling rides to and from doctor’s offices because it’s easy to set regular appointments with Via. Via makes me more independent. Otherwise, I’d have limited options for catching a ride. The drivers are the best part about Via – I’ve enjoyed the experience of being driven by interesting people!


What does mobility mean to you?

To me, mobility is the ability to get to where I want to go – on my schedule. Sometimes I spontaneously walk to my favorite Trader Joes and catch an Uber home when finished with shopping. I’m looking forward to the Via On-Demand pilot so that I can request last-minute trips with my favorite drivers.


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