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Disabled Does Not Mean Unable to Help

When Lisa stopped driving and working due to frequent falls, it could have been devastating. But she wasn’t going to let it stop her from living.

Via’s transportation services became a big part of helping Lisa keep her freedom. While she was learning how to thrive in her new normal, Via’s drivers were there to encourage her at every step. She said that every time she went swimming, shopping, or to an appointment, they were there for her.

Lisa’s new normal didn’t lessen her commitment to serving the community. She adopted a new motto: “Disabled does not mean unable to help.”

Lisa started riding with Via Mobility Services as a client of TRU PACE, a Lafayette-based program of all-inclusive care for older adults. At 57, Lisa was the youngster. She was learning early what life was like for older people.

When older ladies said, “I used to love going to thrift stores, but now I can only go when my daughter takes me,” Lisa would give them her Via pitch. She’d say: “You came to TRU PACE with Via, right? You can go anywhere they do.”

When she witnessed the stark contrast between seniors who thrived and those who gave up, reducing isolation became a personal mission. Lisa was inspired to become an ambassador for Boulder County Mobility for All and a volunteer for Via.

Due to recent health challenges, Lisa is temporarily using a wheelchair. As she recovers, she has gained a sobering experience about life in a chair. It has broadened her understanding of mobility challenges. She will be back on Via with her bright red walker soon. She is already planning the adventures she will enjoy with Via’s help and by opening the door to others in her community.

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