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HOP on Board! The HOP Gets You Around

Boulder’s HOP shuttle buses run circles around the city. Literally! The colorful orange buses with bouncing bunny graphics take a circular route in Boulder. The HOP is truly the heart of Boulder’s transit network, connecting you to the city’s top retail, social, and educational centers. 

Local nonprofit Via Mobility Services operates the HOP for the City of Boulder. The City, along with the University of Colorado-Boulder and RTD, funds this high-frequency service for Boulderites and visitors alike. Hop on board for a convenient, car-free, and inexpensive way to get around Boulder!

Filling in Transportation Gaps

You may know that Via provides accessible transportation for people with mobility limitations. Yet since our founding 43 years ago, we have significantly broadened our scope. In addition to our caring service for people with disabilities, we fill in transportation gaps for a larger population. We operate several bus lines like Ride Free Lafayette, the Lyons Flyer, and The Climb. By partnering with local governments, we serve communities that would otherwise be without. 

Via’s social enterprise business model allows us to enter into income-generating contracts to run services like these. This income helps us fund a portion of the high cost of operating our nonprofit Founding Mission Services — Via Paratransit (accessible transportation) and Mobility Options (travel guidance).

Our daughter, who is autistic, uses Via’s services to get to her worksite on a regular basis. She loves it! Your drivers make her feel comfortable, important, and safe.”
Teresa H.

Riders also rely on donors like you to make vital, accessible transportation available in our community. Donate today!

When Someone Needs Extra Care

Via’s accessible transportation services help people with mobility limitations — such as older adults and people with disabilities — participate in everyday, essential activities outside the home. We go beyond taking people door-to-door in wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Our uniquely trained drivers take clients door-through-door, ensuring passengers exit their homes safely and are received at their destination.

That means you can rest assured your grandparent with dementia will be checked into the doctor’s office. Or your parent using a wheelchair will be assisted on and off the vehicle. Or your daughter with autism will be treated respectfully and compassionately to and from her workplace. 

“Via gives me more power and security in my life as an older person. I never imagined I could get independence, privacy, and dignity again.”
Lorraine L. 

Colorado Gives Day – Keeping it Local

Now through December 6, we are participating in the state’s Colorado Gives Day campaign. Along with 3,000+ nonprofits, we are urging Coloradans to “support local” in their year-end giving. Our customers tell us that without Via, their lives would be diminished. 

Your support now will help more friends, family, and neighbors travel for health care, work, shopping, recreation, social events, and more. 

Your donation today positively impacts our community:

  • $24 helps cover 3 safe, accessible trips
  • $40 helps deliver fresh veggies to an older adult for a month
  • $80 helps a person with a disability commute to work for a week
  • $128 helps cover trips for one month of kidney dialysis treatment
  • $192 helps an older adult go to a senior center twice a month, all year long
  • $240 helps cover trips for three months of chemotherapy appointments

We hope you’ll consider supporting accessible transportation during this beautiful season of giving. Your generosity impacts lives each day. 


Your gift today means independence for older adults and people with disabilities living in our community. Donate Now
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