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Via Helps Homeless Community Members During Cold Snap

Beginning December 21, a period of life-threatening, bitter cold weather swept across the region. The weather was the coldest since 1990, reaching as low as -40 degrees with the wind chill. People were advised to stay indoors and off the roads.

People without homes were at the greatest risk, since frostbite could occur in just five minutes in the brutally-cold conditions.

In partnership with the City of Boulder and the Office of Emergency Management, Via Mobility Services stepped into its role as a second responder in times of emergency. For four days, Via transported more than 120 people to and from warming centers in Boulder that were set up to keep people safe.

“It was a very busy four days,” said Lisa Bitzer, Director of Operations. “We dedicated six Via drivers to take people to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and East Boulder Community Center until it was warm enough for people to be outside again.”

Via is honored to help all community members as a second responder in times of crisis.


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