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Project Homecoming Makes Mealtime Easier

Returning home to recover after a stay in a medical facility can be overwhelming. Caring for yourself when you’re low on energy and strength is hard. Some people go home with new and unfamiliar dietary rules, which can cause anxiety and slow healing.

The nonprofit organization Meals on Wheels has a program to make mealtime easier when you’re transitioning back home. Their program, Project Homecoming, provides five meals free of charge for anyone returning from the hospital, nursing home, or rehab.

Each meal is made with fresh ingredients and contains an entrée, fresh salad, and dessert. Project Homecoming can also accommodate many dietary needs, making your transition easier for you and your family.

If you or someone you care about is transitioning from a medical facility to home after an accident, surgery, illness, or childbirth, this service can provide the support and nutritious meals you need. The service is provided by all three Boulder County Meals on Wheels locations. The sign-up process is simple and meals are delivered right to your home – for free!

Contact Info

Meals on Wheels Boulder, 720-780-3380

If you live in a different city in Boulder County, please contact Meals on Wheels serving your area.

What’s next?

If you still need help after your five free meals through Project Homecoming, you can transition to the regular Meals on Wheels meal delivery program. For more information, please visit www.mowboulder.org/

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