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Kevin’s Journey: More Than Just a Ride

From joy-filled moments with the “4 Musketeers” to heartfelt stories of change, discover Kevin’s two-decade-long journey with Via Mobility Services and how he became an unsung hero in the world of accessible transportation. And now more than ever, accessible transportation is crucial. But as demands grow, heroes like Kevin can’t do it alone. Via riders need champions like you.

A man, Kevin, smiling and standing next to a white Via Prius, holding onto the car's roof. The car is parked outdoors with trees in the background. The man is wearing a blue polo shirt.

Kevin’s soft chuckle resonates as he reminisces about his initial days at Via Mobility Services, then called Special Transit, in 2001. He started as a driver for the Via-operated, RTD-owned Call-n-Ride service (now FlexRide) out of Via’s original facility on Old South Pearl Street in Boulder. His story echoes commitment, love, and dedication—the very essence of what Via’s accessible transportation services stand for.

“My 6 to 7:30 a.m. rider crew…I called them the “4 Musketeers.” The evenings were my favorite time to drive. There was Cajoy, a Native American woman who playfully insisted her name was pronounced like ‘Chips Ahoy,’ Ca-joy! I’ll always remember when she left me a message with Rick James playing in the background, reminding me of her next day’s pick-up.” Kevin smiles.

Three people outdoors: an older man using a wheelchair, Topher, a man in a blue polo shirt standing next to him, Kevin, and a young woman in a yellow top and patterned pants, Sarah, walking beside them. They are near a white bus with the logo "Via" on it. The setting is the parking lot of a park.

Topher, Kevin, and Sarah exit a Via bus and enter the South Mesa trailhead. Learn more about Topher.

Then there were the other “musketeer” riders. Peter, who always had to reach the Park-n-Ride by 7 a.m. sharp. And two ladies, each with their unique quirks. Kevin would ensure the bus was warm enough for them during winters, especially for one who always wore her Michelin Man-like coat. To Kevin, accessible transportation is never just about the commute. It’s about connections made with the riders on the bus.

“You get to know every rider, you have fun together, you learn their stories,” he reflects. When asked about Via’s mission, Kevin’s passion is palpable. “Accessible transportation is a lifeline to their independence.”

Via’s culture thrives on commitment. “Everybody is committed to making Via work,” Kevin says. “From drivers to mechanics to operations specialists, we are a team with a shared purpose.” Their collective aim? Ensuring smooth, reliable, and joyful rides for the community.

Kevin in a blue polo shirt holding open the door of a white bus, gesturing to assist Sarah, wearing a patterned outfit and a backpack. Sarah, who is holding a white cane, is stepping towards the bus. The environment suggests an outdoor setting.

Kevin helps Sarah into the bus with door-through-door service. Learn more about Sarah.

The Urgency and Need for Transit Heros Like You

For those with mobility challenges, services operated by Via are not just modes of transportation; they serve as vital lifelines, offering independence and a sense of freedom. As the demand for services like Via grows exponentially, we must recognize and support these unsung heroes who make our journeys memorable. But Kevin isn’t the only hero in this story—it’s supporters like you who ensure that stories like Kevin’s continue. Your support turns every journey into a tale of joy, connection, and independence.

Kevin wears a blue polo shirt. He's standing next to a white car labeled "Via - Mobility for Life". Inside the car, a woman in the driver's seat and a young woman in the passenger seat are both looking out of the open windows, smiling. The setting appears is an outdoor area with trees in the background.Every day, hundreds of our neighbors, friends, and family find themselves needing help accessing vital transportation services. As demand grows, the need for support becomes even more critical. You’re more than ensuring seamless transportation by supporting and championing services like Via. You’re fostering connections, safeguarding memories, and enabling people like Kevin to continue enhancing the lives of Via’s riders every day.

Become a part of this journey as the hero of countless stories waiting to unfold by donating today.


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