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Embracing a Sustainable Future Together: Alpine Bank and Via Lead the Way

Logo of Alpine Bank

The image shows two individuals, Via CEO Frank W Bruno and Alpine Bank Market President Chris Maughan, standing in front of a ChargePoint DC fast electric vehicle charging station. Frank is on the left and holding a charging plug and appears to be demonstrating or explaining how to use the charger. Both are engaged in a conversation and dressed in business casual attire. The backdrop includes clear skies and some greenery outdoor. The charging station is prominently colored with black and orange, and the words "DC FAST EV charging only" are visible.Alpine Bank’s Green Team leads the way in the company’s transition to renewable electricity. They show care for our community and future generations by ensuring every kilowatt hour of Alpine Banks’ electricity comes from renewable sources that dramatically reduce their environmental impact while benefiting from lower energy costs. That means Alpine Bank is using its resources responsibly and supporting our community in other ways, like sponsoring Via to support our older and disabled neighbors so they can get where they need to go. Alpine’s support of Via goes beyond transportation into environmental stewardship by helping forward our commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions. Inspired by the shared environmental values of our partner, Alpine Bank, we’re excited to present you with these tips for adopting a green lifestyle that echoes our shared dedication to environmental sustainability.

Pictured above: Via CEO Frank W. Bruno and Alpine Bank Market President Chris Maughan, standing in front of a ChargePoint DC fast electric vehicle charging station at Via’s Boulder headquarters.

Click here to read Alpine Bank’s 2023 Environment Report to discover more of their achievements in eco-stewardship over the last 20 years.

Journeying Towards Sustainability: Tips for Our Community

Tip #1: Implement Water and Energy Conservation

Simple steps like using energy-efficient appliances, embracing solar power, and supporting water conservation measures can significantly contribute to our state’s environmental health. Alpine Bank shares these resources with us to empower Coloradans to achieve their conservation goals.

  • Recycle Colorado: This nonprofit’s goal is to ensure more than 50% of Colorado’s current waste stream is diverted to reuse/remanufacturing or compost by advancing infrastructure, end markets, and policies in waste reduction, recovery, and diversion.
  • The Alliance Center: Demonstrating sustainability in action, mobilizing change agents to accelerate solutions, and bringing people together to solve systemic problems all drive the work of the Alliance Center. To learn more about their Climate+Democracy, Living Laboratory, and Best for Colorado programs, visit the Alliance Center here.
  • PurpleAir:  Having developed a proven air quality monitoring solution for citizen scientists and air quality professionals alike, PurpleAir offers real-time air quality monitoring through a network built on a new generation of “Internet of Things” sensors.

Tip #2: Patronize Local Green Businesses

Alpine Bank sets a stellar example by operating on 100% renewable electricity, highlighting the impact businesses can have on environmental conservation. We encourage supporting local businesses that prioritize sustainability. Whether shopping at Boulder’s local markets or choosing services powered by green energy, your choices can foster a sustainable local economy.

  • Alpine Bank: A leader in sustainable banking, Alpine Bank operates on 100% renewable electricity and offers green loan programs and investment options. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond their banking products to include support for community initiatives like Via Mobility Services, making them a cornerstone of Boulder’s green business community.
  • Boulder County Farmer’s Market: As a gathering place for local farmers, artisans, and sustainably minded consumers, the Boulder County Farmer’s Market is a vibrant community hub promoting local produce and products. Shopping here supports local agriculture and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods long distances, supporting local sustainability.
  • Nude Foods Market: Boulder’s first zero-waste grocery store. Unlike traditional grocery stores, it completely eschews plastic packaging. Everything at Nude Foods Market is packaged in reusable, returnable glass jars or is local, organic, or “rescued” goods with no plastic packaging.

The image shows a brightly colored orange and green electric HOP bus with the text "100% ELECTRIC" on the side, indicating it is powered entirely by electricity. The bus also displays the Via Mobility Services logo and their tagline "Mobility for Life". The phone number 303.447.8282 is visible, providing contact information. The bus is numbered 30, and there are others behind it with numbers 31 and beyond. The scene is set against a clear sky with a large building structure in the background, at the bus depot at Via's Boulder headquarters where the vehicles are stored and maintained. The image has a perspective effect where the buses recede into the distance, and it is skewed towards the right, creating a sense of depth.
The City of Boulder’s HOP fleet includes several electric buses. Via operates and maintains the HOP.

Tip #3: Choose Eco-Friendly Transit

Colorado’s beauty is in its pristine environment. Via Mobility Services takes pride in offering accessible transportation options that contribute to reducing emissions and traffic congestion. Opt for our services, bike, walk, or use public transit for your daily travels, embracing the scenic routes Boulder and Colorado have to offer.

  • Boulder Transportation Connections (BTC): A nonprofit Transportation Management Organization integrated with the Boulder Chamber that promotes efficient and sustainable transportation choices in Boulder to enhance community living, working, and playability. Focused on reducing single-occupancy vehicle use and increasing alternative transportation methods to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, BTC supports services like the Eco Pass, which provides unlimited access to local and regional buses and trains.
  • Boulder’s HOP Public Bus: Operated by Via under contract with the City of Boulder, the HOP bus service is an integral part of the city’s public transit network. Offering convenient and efficient transportation across key locations in Boulder using electric buses, the HOP encourages residents and visitors to opt for public transit instead of driving, contributing to lower emissions and a cleaner environment.
  • Commuting Solutions: This organization is dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options in the northwest metro region of Denver, including bike sharing, public transit like the Flatiron Flyer, carpooling, and vanpooling. They focus on connecting people to places, advocating for transportation improvements, and engaging in regional planning efforts for sustainable and multimodal transport options. Click here to learn more about other eco-conscious mobility options.
  • Boulder BCycle: Boulder’s nonprofit bike-sharing program, Boulder BCycle, offers a green, flexible, and convenient transportation alternative. With stations spread across the city, residents and visitors can easily pick up and drop off bicycles for short trips, reducing car usage and promoting a healthy, environmentally friendly way to navigate Boulder’s beautiful landscape.
  • Colorado CarShare: As the region’s premier car-sharing service, Colorado CarShare provides an accessible option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint without the need for personal vehicle ownership. This service allows users to rent cars hourly or daily, offering a practical solution for reducing the number of vehicles on the road, thereby decreasing emissions and traffic congestion.

The image features Frank and Chris, two smiling men standing in front of a bus with a partial view of a banner that reads "Mobility for Life". Chris, on the left, is taller, wearing a blue button-up shirt with a logo that says "Alpine Bank", and grey pants. Frank is on the right and is wearing a blue button-up shirt with a pattern, grey pants, and a brown belt. Both appear cheerful and are looking at the camera. The bus in the background has orange, green, and white colors with a mountain graphic, which is likely part of Via Mobility Services' fleet, given the visible part of their tagline. The image is encased in a blue circular border, suggesting it might be used for marketing or informational content.Alpine Bank and Via Mobility Services

United in Sustainability

Via and Alpine Bank are partners in our shared environmental goals. By integrating sustainability into our services and operations, we’re serving our community and investing in the well-being of our planet. We invite you to join us as we continue to inspire and support one another in this sustainable journey. Together, we can forge a path to a more sustainable future, ensuring the beauty and health of Colorado for generations to come.

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