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Wild Pastures Burger Co.

An overhead shot of a meal from Wild Pastures Burger Co., featuring a beef burger in a paper container, a chicken sandwich in a brown bun, a side of crispy French fries with a small bowl of ketchup, a pile of breaded zucchini slices with two dipping sauces, and two milkshakes, one vanilla and one strawberry, all arranged neatly on a wooden table with the restaurant's logo visible on a paper liner.

Organic and grass feed beef burger, a pasture raised chicken burger, fries cooked 100% grass fed beef tallow, fried zucchini, a strawberry and vanilla shake, and dipping sauces at Pastures Burger Co, in Boulder, Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022. Photo and styling by Amy Brothers


To put it simply, our mission in creating Wild Pastures Burger Co is:

  • To be the healthiest fast casual burger chain in the world with the highest quality ingredients in every single item we serve
  • To be the most environmentally responsible fast casual restaurant chain in the world, where not only are we dedicated to “do less harm”, but we’re actually committed to being a SOLUTION to some of the biggest environmental issues of our time, including climate change, water quality, soil health, and protecting ecosystems.
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