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Via’s Hiring HOP Drivers

Drive with the HOP

An older black man leans playfully out the open door of a HOP bus. He is smiling toward the camera and giving a thumb's up.The HOP is a high-frequency circulator shuttle connecting the primary retail, social, and educational centers in Boulder. It is open to the general public and operated by Via under contract with the City of Boulder, CU-Boulder, and the RTD. Via has been operating the HOP since it began in 1994.

Drivers play music as they drive the bright orange buses and take in the gorgeous view of the Flatirons.

You’ll enjoy driving for the HOP if you like a fixed, predictable route every day and a fun environment.

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A Fun Way to Get Around

Supervisor Bret Gibson describes the more relaxed public transit route called the HOP and the relationship between the City of Boulder and Via Mobility Services.

The Heart of Boulder

Driver Trainer Christine Landowski joined Via as a driver because she was looking for a hands-on job in a more relaxed setting.

She talks about the family-like, close relationships that can develop between driver and rider.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of passengers ride the HOP?

You will meet all types of people driving for the HOP. College students, tourists, local business people and residents…anyone can hop on!

Why do I see the HOP at Chautauqua Park?

The City of Boulder and Via Mobility Services use HOP buses for additional routes, like Hop 2 Chautauqua, Park-to-Park, and the Eldo Shuttle.

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