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Via’s Hiring Via Paratransit Drivers

Drive with Via Paratransit

An older, white man wears a Via Mobility Services blue polo uniform shirt. He is smiling at a client, an older woman using a mobility scooter, as he secures her safely into her seat on the accessible vehicle.Do you enjoy helping people?

Via Paratransit is the name of the service we were founded to provide. It helps older adults and people with disabilities travel from place to place when they need special care. Paratransit drivers ensure a rider is escorted not just door-to-door, but through the doors. This gives people with mobility limitations and their caregivers the assurance they can rely on Via for independent travel.

Many people using this service say that it gives them their freedom back. Drivers say it gives their work meaning. If you are sensitive to the needs of people with limited mobility and enjoy a social job, consider driving for Via Paratransit.

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A Driver’s Typical Day

Operations Manager Mark Patterson describes a typical day for a Denver metro area paratransit driver and the most satisfying part of the job — customer service.

Mark describes our internal lingo for the Via Paratransit service. Most of Via Paratransit operates out of our Boulder headquarters. Some of Via Paratransit operates from our Denver facility; Via Paratransit Metro division describes the team that serves the Denver metro area.

Helping People

Via Paratransit driver Craig Smith talks about why he took a job at Via Mobility Services, what he enjoys about the company and the work, and what he looks forward to each day.

I decided to choose a different path and see what else was out there. There was Via!

Doing Good

Driver and Trainer Annie Montelione talks about her favorite parts of being a paratransit driver, including driving on scenic Colorado routes. Knowing that she is doing something good for people keeps her driving.

Annie volunteered to help evacuate people with limited mobility from the Marshall Fire on December 30, 2021. As a second responder for Boulder County, more than 30 heroic drivers stepped up to drive about 100 people out of harm’s way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be driving?

Our paratransit service area has expanded significantly in recent years. While services originated in Boulder County,  you can now find Via Paratransit in Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld Counties. Via has facilities in both Denver and Boulder.

What do VPT and VMT mean?

You may hear these acronyms while listening to our videos.

Via Paratransit is made of two sub-divisions, Via Paratransit (VPT) and the Via Paratransit Metro division (VMT).

VPT operates out of our Boulder facility with bases in Longmont, Brighton, and Estes Park, with another base coming soon to Nederland.

When Via took on Senior Resource Center’s paratransit program in 2020, our service area grew to include the Denver Metro area. VMT was formed and began operating from our Denver facility.

VPT refers to Via Paratransit services in the Boulder area and VMT refers to the service in the Denver metro area. If you drive with Via, you’ll catch on to the lingo in no time.

What is different about driving for Via Paratransit?

This service solely supports people with limitations to their mobility. These may be older people, people with permanent disabilities, or people recovering from injuries and surgery.

Your primary role will be making sure they are transported safely and securely. Our clients will likely be using mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes and crutches. You will need to learn how to secure these devices and make sure passengers are comfortable.

Your route will often include customers you will see regularly, providing a chance to really get to know them.

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