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Watch Via Launch Event Video

As of Jan 13, 2020, this page has been updated to remove links to outside pages that are no longer active.

Via held a successful public launch of its new name and brand on Friday, Feb. 10. If you missed the event, watch the brief video clip to see what Executive Director Lenna Kottke had to say about the new name. Be sure to stay for the bus drama at the end.

When guests began arriving at 4:30 p.m., they knew they would learn the new name of Special Transit, but they had no idea what it would be. The air was filled with anticipation, as more than 75 guests gathered in the garage for the announcement.

When the moment came to reveal the new name, the garage doors opened. The Special Transit bus that had been inside the garage was driven out, and three new vehicles with the Via logo pulled in – a 20-passenger bus, a new MV-1 and a Prius.

Following the unveiling, guests heard a presentation by Rachel Simon, author of Riding the Bus with my Sister and The Story of Beautiful Girl. Simon talked about how the people in her books, both fiction and nonfiction, help tell the story of why organizations like Via are so important to ensuring that all people have an opportunity as independently as possible within their life circumstances

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