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Via awarded funds to provide accessible transportation

Via recently announced that it has received grants totaling $161,875. The funds will be used to provide accessible transportation, travel training, and information and referral for individuals with mobility limitations.

The funds were awarded by Rose Community Foundation ($120,000), Caring for Colorado ($30,000), Ball Foundation ($5,000), the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County ($4,000), the Collins Foundation ($2,000) and the Rotary Club of Estes Park Foundation ($500), Quota International of Estes Park ($375).

A portion of the funding from Rose Community Foundation will support the mobility specialist at Via, who provides information and referral for individuals who don’t drive, including those who are considering or have recently given up their car.

Martha Fierro, Via’s bilingual mobility specialist, said she provides information to callers about the various transportation options that are available to them, including Via’s paratransit service. She also advises them about accessing public transit and other transportation alternatives that may be available through community groups and senior living centers.

In 2013, Via’s mobility specialist received more than 1,500 inquiries that were transportation-related. She prepared 585 travel plans for callers who requested them. In addition, Via’s paratransit service provided 131,644 trips and served 2,938 individuals who have mobility limitations or who received transportation to Boulder’s Homeless Shelter.

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