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Kitty Tries New Things and Gives Back

There are many of quotes about not being afraid to try something new. For Kitty, she took that to heart. She had always wanted to learn to the play the piano, and at the age of 79, she began to take piano lessons – a life goal. She uses Via to get to her piano lessons because she no longer drives.

Not only is Kitty a Via rider, she’s also a Via donor because she knows firsthand the impact of her donation. Via means the world to Kitty, and she wouldn’t be able to do the things she loves or try new things without it. “One thing I know for sure is that Via saved my life,” says Kitty. “Without Via, I would not have been able to get where I need to go for medical appointments and to stay connected in the community I love.” Kitty, a former elementary school teacher originally from Mobile, Alabama, has been volunteering weekly for the past three years as an English Second Language tutor for two young immigrant women in Boulder.  According to Kitty, “the joy of teaching never leaves you!” She gives back to the community, takes piano lessons, and is not afraid to live life to the fullest – all with the help of Via taking her to where her heart leads her.

“Without Via, I would never have been able to keep up the daily activities I need and enjoy every week. I cannot say thank you enough.”

With your contributions, you will help older adults like Kitty get where they need to go. More importantly, you are making it possible for them to live life to the fullest and fulfill their dreams!  

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