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A Call for Stories

Do you have a great life story to tell? And has Via been a part of it? We want to hear it!

Via is mounting “25 Stories” a photojournalism art exhibit, curated by VSA Colorado (www.accessgallery.org) in our award-winning Boulder facility in October. All entries will tell true stories, through images and words, of life renewal and community engagement. Photography and brief written stories will capture their spirit and the rich sense of who they are as complete, and mobile individuals, enabling viewers/readers to move beyond seeing Via customers solely as their mental or physical challenge, disability or advancing age.

Artists, photographers, professors, moms, dads, skiers, teachers, nurses, dancers, engineers—whoever you are in your life, if Via has helped you through some hard times, made a difference in your life, allowed you to stay connected to the community and keep your dreams alive, we want to tell your story. Contact Mary Cobb at 303-473-2882 or mcobb@viacolorado.org.

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