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What is Via doing to keep riders safe as stay-at-home orders relax?

Many have asked what we’re doing to keep our passengers safe as stay-at-home orders begin to relax, and riders become more comfortable using transit again. At this time, our approach has a few key components.

  1. Cleaning. Since the pandemic hit Colorado, we have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning on all of our vehicles. Not only are buses thoroughly cleaned each day with products known to kill the virus (pictured), our drivers are practicing intermittent cleaning while the vehicles are on route.
  2. Physical Distancing. Across our services, we are taking steps to ensure physical distancing can be maintained. Our HOP service has capacity limits, and we have moved to single-passenger trips for our paratransit service.
  3. Back Door Boarding. On our HOP service, we are asking all passengers to board and deboard through the back door to maintain physical distance between passengers and drivers.
  4. Face-covering Requirement. In compliance with our local orders, we are requiring that all riders wear a cloth face covering while using any of our services, and all drivers are required to wear masks while on duty.

The safety of our staff and riders is our highest priority. As the situation has progressed and orders have changed, we’ve adapted our approach, and we will continue to adapt as we move forward.

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