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Support Older Adults and Animal Welfare with Via and the Paige Foundation

Via’s Paratransit program is designed to combat isolation by empowering our clients to be independent and self-sufficient. It’s no secret that companion and service animals support independence and combat isolation. That’s why Via allows riders to travel with companion and service animals.

Via also supports animal welfare, and even has a policy of allowing employees to bring their dogs to work — woof!

Via rider and her dogVia Supports Older Adults and Animal Welfare

  • Safe and accessible Paratransit trips for older adults with service animals
  • Delivery of pet and service animal supplies to older adults
  • Trips to and from veterinary appointments
  • Wellness checks for older adults and their animals

The Dangers of Isolation and Loneliness

According to the National Council on Aging, “1 in 6 seniors living alone in the United States faces physical, cultural, and/or geographical barriers that isolate them from their peers and communities.” Different from isolation, 1 in 3 adults are lonely, according to the AARP Foundation.

Isolated and lonely older adults are concerned about getting help from community programs. And as we age, our risk of worsening quality of life also increases.

Via supports using animals to combat isolation and loneliness, and we go above and beyond to care for older adults and their animals.

Did you hear about Via’s emergency trip to the vet?

Last year, one of our riders called in a panic about her service dog being bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking.

The client was concerned and asked for a ride right away from Boulder to her vet in Lyons. While we don’t usually do trips like that, our Director of Operations, Lisa Bitzer, was on the job. Immediately, she secured a volunteer driver, Chuck McElwain, to take the client and her dog to the vet.

Now, the dog is healthy, happy, and continuing to provide love and support to their human, who is grateful that we were flexible in helping her during an exceptionally stressful time!

Your Donation on Colorado Gives Day Makes This Possible

A service or companion animal rode with Via almost 5,000 times in 2019. Each and every trip costs Via $47 — which means that we need to raise nearly $250,000 to provide 5,000 trips!

With the support of donors like you, Colorado Gives Day is one part of what makes this program possible. This year, our goal is to raise $65,000 — and the Paige Foundation is stretching your impact by matching your donation up to $10,000!

Our partnership with the Paige Foundation upholds two of their main philanthropy areas — Older Adults and Animal Welfare.

Donors like you make safe and accessible trips possible for older adults — and sometimes their animal friends, too. Now is the time to pledge your donation to Via for Colorado Gives Day.

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