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Seth Hits a Home Run

Seth loves sports. He loves watching the Broncos, co-coaching an elementary girls’ basketball team, and playing first base on a Special Olympics softball team.

But what matters most to Seth is being independent. When Seth entered adulthood, he wanted to move out of his parents’ house and into his own place.

Seth’s road to independence meant getting a job, managing his time, learning to budget his money, and demonstrating that he can care for himself and keep house. The hardest step was finding somewhere to live, but his community stepped up to help him.

His parents decided there was room behind their home for a small house. So, Seth, his family, friends, and neighbors went to work on designing and building a home for him. It’s a charming place with lots of sunlight, a vaulted ceiling, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a long living area with dining and kitchen at one end.

Seth worked hard for his independence, and his parents are immensely proud of all that he’s accomplished.

Since Via began providing shuttle services from Seth’s hometown in western Weld County to Longmont, he has taken the next step of transportation independence. Multiple times a week, Seth uses Via to get to work at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Longmont. Seth loves his job and is happy to work with good people who make good food.

This newfound independence means that Seth’s mom, Marla, no longer needs to drive him to and from work, so she has more time to do other things, like starting her own business. Recently, she has opened a store in Estes Park called Joy House that sells goods made by artists with disabilities. This work is important to Marla because it supports their talents and gives them another way of making money.

Via is proud to be a part of helping Seth maintain his independence.

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