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Choose Joy

Have you ever tried shopping with a higher purpose?

Marla Truitt recently opened a gift shop in Estes Park called Joy House that exclusively sells items created by adults with special needs or produced by companies that employ those with disabilities.

Marla’s inspiration was her son Seth, a creative young man who has Down syndrome. Her vision was to showcase the artworks of Seth and others while helping them earn money.

Right now, the shop’s inventory includes items from about 30 individuals and companies across the country. Often, the creator of an image or design works with others to produce a final product, so many more than 30 people are involved with producing the shop’s merchandise.

Joy House sells mugs, jewelry, T-shirts, totes, blankets, wood carvings (pens and wine stoppers), note cards, hand-sewn containers, chocolates, candles, coffee, and jams, among other things. The merchandise is displayed in groups according to who produced it, with a placard including a photo of the creator and information about them.

Coffee mugs decorated with Seth’s animal paintings and his “Choose Joy” T-shirts are the shop’s biggest sellers.

Joy House faces Bond Park at 215 Park Lane, Estes Park, Colorado, 80517.

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