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Meet a Travel Trainee: Cynda M.

Travel Training Superstar | Just another day at work

We want her to be independent and transportation is a huge part of being independent says Cynda’s mom, Wayla. Yet navigating the public fixed-route system is not easy.

Parents of adult children with intellectual disabilities have often spent much of their son’s or daughter’s life trying to strike the right balance – a balance that teeters between providing their child opportunities to gain independence and learn new skills and the desire to protect this (now adult) child from harm, all while advocating for his or her needs and interests. Deciding whether, when, and how to teach an adult child to use the public bus or rail system can be a complicated decision and one that can’t be taken out of context of the other obligations and responsibilities that shape family life.

Cynda and her parents knew getting around on public transportation confidently was essential to Cynda’s evolving independence. Via’s travel training program was the right prescription for Cynda and her family to navigate the transition from high school to job training to employment.

Learning to use public transportation was as much about Cynda’s growing up as it was about her parents learning to let go.

Photographer: SOPHIE KLAFTER
Via’s Portraits of Ability 25 Stories of Independence & Inspiration was originally published in 2016.
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UPDATE: Via has discontinued its Travel Training program. Visit our Travel Training page to learn about other Travel Training options in the Denver Metro region.

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