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Via Mobility Services and New Day Hydrogen Join Forces to Bring Hydrogen Trucks to Colorado

Companies join forces to bring cutting-edge fuel and carbon-reduction technology to Colorado

Via Mobility Services (“Via”), a Colorado non-profit, and New Day Hydrogen, Inc. (“NDH”) are pleased to announce a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) marking their mutual desire to develop the first public-facing hydrogen micro-hub fueling centers in the state of Colorado. Together, the parties are continuing steps towards transitioning Colorado’s transportation industry towards a zero-emissions future.

Under the agreement, Via will introduce the first hydrogen-powered buses to Colorado while NDH will support these vehicles with hydrogen fuel in the Globeville-Elyria-Swansea (GES) neighborhoods north of downtown Denver and in Boulder. NDH’s HubStarter systems generate hydrogen using electrolysis, which creates emissions-free hydrogen from water and electricity, including renewable sources.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles, also known as fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), produce zero emissions just like battery electric vehicles (BEVs). However, unlike BEVs, FCEVs take only minutes to replenish range and are largely unaffected by cold temperatures or heavy loads. Further, NDH has developed an approach that makes hydrogen affordable for fleets of buses, trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles currently reliant on diesel. An approach that allows fleets to start their transition to zero-emissions today.

Via is a Colorado-based full-spectrum mobility manager offering transportation services for individuals and groups in Boulder, Denver, and surrounding communities. Via provides affordable, accessible, and increasingly environmentally sustainable transportation.

NDH is based in Englewood, CO, and focuses on assisting hard-to-decarbonize fleets in transitioning to zero-emissions. NDH’s proprietary HubStarter systems provide an excellent alternative where batteries and charging simply do not fit well with fleet operations.

Frank Bruno, CEO of Via, stated, “We’re aggressively pursuing zero-emissions with a targeted goal of moving our municipal buses there by 2030 and our paratransit vehicles by 2035. Clearly, we’re excited to initiate efforts towards these goals in an incremental manner that is consistent with our plan. Further, we support NDH’s innovative work towards building multi-stakeholder seed hubs in transportation-impacted communities like GES and look forward to helping include other fleets in Denver and Boulder.”

“We’re excited to partner with Via towards making Colorado a national leader in the transition to zero-emissions transportation. Hydrogen fueling will help Colorado reach its carbon-reduction goals, especially for fleets who have identified operational challenges with batteries and charging,” said NDH’s COO, Buford Barr.

About Via Mobility Services

Mobility for life

Via Mobility Services, a Colorado non-profit, was founded in 1979 as Special Transit in Boulder, Colorado. Visionary leaders were aware that the need for high-quality paratransit service was becoming critical. Via responded to that call and has been providing over 100,000 paratransit trips annually. Over the decades, Via’s services have expanded, as has the region it serves. Via Mobility Services now offers shuttles, micro-transit, and the long-standing skilled paratransit and municipal transit service. Via serves eight counties in Colorado. Learn more about Via.

About New Day Hydrogen

Because our future demands clean energy now

New Day Hydrogen makes hydrogen fueling economical for fleets of heavy-duty electric vehicles as they take their first incremental steps towards zero emissions. With our proprietary HubStarter system, we show fleets transitioning as few as five trucks on the path to beating diesel in applications where batteries just don’t fit. New Day Hydrogen received a $250,000 grant award from the State of Colorado and is developing LOIs for an anticipated flagship micro-hub project in Denver. For more information, visit www.newdayhydrogen.com or follow us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/new-day-hydrogen-inc.

Featured photo courtesy of New Day Hydrogren: https://www.newdayhydrogen.com/
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