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Weld County Announces New Accessible Transportation Service for Residents

Beginning August 1, 2023, Weld County residents will have access to a new accessible transportation service designed to enhance mobility for residents, especially older adults and individuals with disabilities. Now, residents can ride with Via Mobility Services to get where they need to go, like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, work locations, social outings, and more. This new program aims to foster independence and community connections.

Riders who need additional support when traveling will receive help from trained drivers who not only escort riders with door-through-door service but also provide a sense of community on every ride. A testament to the valuable service provided by Via, a satisfied rider says, “The Via driver comes right to my door and then assists me into the waiting room. From daily appointments to errands around town, Via helps me get where I need to go.”

Now, this on-demand transit service is available for residents in Ault, Fort Lupton, Gilcrest, Hudson, Johnstown, Kersey, Keenesburg, Nunn, Platteville, and certain unincorporated portions of Weld County, from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. To see a service area map, visit bit.ly/WeldCountyMap. There is no fare for this service. To learn more, including your eligibility to ride, call Via at 303-444-3043.

Click here to learn more about registering for a ride.

This transit service aims to address the ever-increasing demand for flexible, accessible, and inclusive transportation solutions within Weld County and is made possible by collaboration with the Weld County Board of County Commissioners, North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, Upper Front Range Transportation Planning Region, and Via Mobility Services. Through the partnership, we aim to foster greater mobility and independence among residents and support the entire community’s well-being.

About Via Mobility Services

Via Mobility Services is a private nonprofit that provides accessible transportation and guidance for people with mobility limitations, especially older adults and people with disabilities. Founded in 1979, Via helps riders in multiple counties in Colorado live more self-sufficient lives by providing caring, door-through-door transportation. Via also operates several bus services under contract, such as the City of Boulder’s HOP and Littleton Omnibus. Learn more, including how to partner with Via to launch a transit service, at ViaColorado.org.

About the Weld County Board of County Commissioners

The five-member Board of County Commissioners is the statutory head of Weld County’s government. Two commissioners are elected At-Large and three are elected from the district in which they reside. The current board includes Mike Freeman (District 1, Chair), Scott James (District 2), Lori Saine (District 3), Kevin Ross (At-Large), and Perry Buck (Pro-Tem). Learn more about Weld County government at www.weld.gov.

About the Upper Front Range Transportation Planning Region

The Upper Front Range TPR includes predominantly rural areas of Larimer and Weld Counties and all of Morgan County. The Region is heavily influenced by growth in adjacent urban areas, including Denver, Fort Collins, and Greeley. Located in north-central Colorado, the Upper Front Range represents a variety of geographic and social characteristics. The Region consists of productive agricultural land and significant oil and gas activity on the eastern plains. The region’s western portion is mountainous and home to widely popular tourist destinations, including Rocky Mountain National Park. Transportation planning must incorporate these unique regional characteristics and develop a comprehensive strategy for improving mobility for residents, employees, and visitors of the Region.

About the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization

From highways to trails, the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) is an association of 15 local governments responsible for planning and funding the transportation systems that connect people and places along the North Front Range. Learn more at www.nfrmpo.org.

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