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Shirley’s Story of Resilience and Community Connection with Via Mobility Services

The heart of Via’s mission—to be not just a service provider but a vital community connector.

For riders like Shirley, a resilient Denver metro area resident, Via is more than just transportation; it’s a lifeline. Via’s accessible services empower individuals facing mobility challenges, allowing them to maintain their independence, engage actively in their communities, and enjoy a quality of life everyone deserves.

Shirley, a Denver metro area resident for over eight decades, embodies resilience and independence. She’s not just a rider with Via Mobility Services; she’s a cherished member of the Via community who gets the vital role accessible transportation plays in the lives of individuals with temporary mobility challenges.

Shirley usually drives a personal vehicle but relies on Via’s services after receiving macular degeneration injections, which temporarily limit her ability to drive. “I need to use Via’s service whenever I get an injection for macular degeneration. I can’t drive. Via is very, very dependable, easy to schedule, and the price is right,” Shirley shares. “There’s a certain peace of mind with Via. Knowing that I can get to where I need to be, safely and on time, is invaluable to me.” Utilizing Via’s services gives Shirley peace of mind, knowing she can rely on rides with Via to and from medical procedures, and helps her continue living independently in her home of 61 years.

Three women of varying ages are seated at a restaurant table smiling towards the camera. On the table, there's a tray with two burgers, a pile of fries, and three containers of condiments. In the foreground, there's a flyer with the logo of Via Mobility Services, indicating a casual or promotional event. The eldest woman on the right wears a colorful jacket with artistic designs, while the other two are in more subdued attire.

Lynn, Zoe, and Shirley enjoy a delightful meal of burgers and fries at Wild Pastures in Boulder, sharing a moment of joy and togetherness.

Shirley’s story is not just about her reliance on transportation services; it’s also a tale of vibrant community engagement. She is a social butterfly who thrives on connections with her neighbors and friends. Her regular meet-ups with the “coffee curmudgeons” at the civic building are a source of joy and companionship. She builds and nurtures friendships here, even sharing a laugh or a bridge game with the police chief. These moments of connection, laughter, and friendship highlight Via’s indispensable role in her life.

Beyond her active social life, Shirley’s generosity extends to her support for Via. Via Mobility Services is more than just a ride – it’s a bridge to a fuller, more connected life. But this essential service faces a critical challenge: for every journey we facilitate, there’s an $8 shortfall, a gap that your support can help close. Your contribution today isn’t just a donation; it’s a commitment to independence, community, and the human spirit. Join us in this essential mission. Act now – your support makes a tangible difference in countless lives every day.

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