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Suzy On Board: Fulfilling Friendships, a Cheerful Ride at a Time

Meet Suzy, a cherished member of the Via Mobility Services community.

In this interview, Suzy shares how Via’s compassionate transportation services have not only facilitated her mobility but have also fostered connections. Experience through Susie’s eyes the warmth, care, and friendship that transforms each ride into a journey of joy and independence.

Outside Seniors Resource Center, a building with automatic glass doors, three people are engaged in a conversation. On the left, a staff woman exits the building; she has shoulder-length hair, wears a pale green jacket, holds a yellow mug, and is stepping forward. In the center stands a male Via driver in a blue jacket with a badge, facing the woman to his left. To his right is Suzy, an older woman with shoulder-length gray hair, wearing a black cardigan and holding a brown purse. The entrance has a "CAUTION AUTOMATIC DOOR" sign and posted operating hours. Fallen leaves on the sidewalk suggest it is autumn.

Via driver Michael assists Suzy with getting to her destination inside Seniors Resource Center.

Suzy, why do you ride with Via Mobility Services?

“I live alone. Riding on the bus with Via is a good way to get to know people. And there’s always something you need to do. I ride with Via to Seniors Resource Center and attend their Adult Day Center.”

What do you want people to know about how Via’s services make a difference in your life?

“Via is very good at answering my questions about using different kinds of transportation to get where I need to go. Via’s service is very good, and I never have a bad ride. The driver rings my doorbell. Then I’m ready to go. It’s very simple and convenient.”

How would the absence of this type of support change your life and living situation?

“I only ride with Via. I don’t ride with Uber or Access-a-Ride now, but if I didn’t have access to Via’s services, I would have to sign up with them. I would be worried that they wouldn’t provide the level of service I’m used to with Via, but I’m very social and need to connect with other people outside of my home.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with Via?

“I appreciate the drivers who are like friends to me. When I ride, it reminds me that I’m cared for and not alone. They always greet me with a smile, help me get comfortably seated, and ensure my ride is safe and enjoyable. These little acts of kindness make a big difference in my life.”

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