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Watch this Video Message from Via Rider Lisa Lehndorff

Life is a narrative we script daily, filled with obstacles that demand adaptation rather than confrontation.

Instead of banging our heads against the rock, we must navigate around it, acknowledging that the journey may take time. However, the freedom to chart our course remains paramount.

I recount an incident where a workplace injury led me to rely on workers’ compensation. Despite this, I encountered hurdles in accessing financial assistance from my church, requiring me to meet with a volunteer finance representative. The volunteer, with years of service as a driver for Via, insisted I sign up for their services. Initially hesitant, I eventually embraced Via’s scheduled rides, prioritizing punctuality and reliability, which is especially crucial for someone like me who is reliant on using a wheelchair.

What sets Via apart is its emphasis on personable service. Driver trainers like Craig Christopher exemplify this value, fostering relationships beyond transportation. Their genuine interest in my activities post-surgery or art classes created a sense of connection and trust. This trust extends to their commitment to safely securing passengers, a reassurance born from past mishaps.

Joining TRU PACE, alongside riding with Via, further liberated me from mobility constraints. I recall conversations with acquaintances who resigned to forgo activities due to transportation limitations. Yet, I encouraged them to explore options, emphasizing the empowerment of choice facilitated by services like Via. Thanks to Via and all its supporters, I have freedom.

In essence, life’s narrative unfolds not despite obstacles but through adaptive responses, embracing newfound freedoms while cherishing the support systems that enable them. My heartfelt gratitude extends to Via for granting me both a ticket to ride and the freedom to live fully.

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